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Welcome to Little Loaders

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Our loaders and attachments are used in multiple sectors, but mainly Construction, Agriculture , Mining and Landscaping.

The Advantages of Hiring Our Loaders Over an Average skid-steer

At Least a 50% Fuel Saving, an average skid-steer burns through more than double the fuel as the drivetrain requires 70% engine power at all times.

Versatility: We have a far wider range of attachments, allowing one machine to do the work of many.

Heavy Lifter: Our loaders have a higher lifting capacity and come standard with Telescopic Booms giving them a reach higher than similar skid-steer models.

Visibility: Provide all round visibility while driving and working, essential for workplace safety.

Easy to Operate: Our loaders can be operated with a steering wheel and one joystick for boom movements making it far simpler to operate than a skid-steer.

With a light touch: the drive system on our loaders makes it possible to work on sensitive areas like lawns.